Excellent materials, craftsmanship, careful details:
the value of Morellato watch straps.

The fashion world isn’t only the inspiration of the 2013 Morellato calendar: in fact, there is a close link between the fashion world and that of Morellato watch straps.
While the leading fashion houses are continually looking for new fabrics, with refined weaves and the right colours to go with the various seasons, Morellato is constantly committed to exploring new ideas and selecting the best Italian and “exotic” leathers, with the aim of turning them into little masterpieces to dress the wrist on any occasion.

Morellato chooses particular vegetable-tanned Tuscan leathers that are surface treated with oil to obtain glossy, light, soft or velvety effects, turning them into tailored watch straps: the Manufatti collection. Models featuring finishes resulting from an artisan tradition handed down since 1930: hand-stitching, also reinforced in the most delicate parts of the strap, the lug attachment and the buckle flap, lined loops and, if movable, held by precious satin ribbons, and edges hand-dyed with natural colours and glossy for the cut edge models.

For the very exclusive alligator, the focus is on proposing the most fashionable colour range, in both matt and gloss finishes. This precious skin is purchased raw by Morellato, which then turns it into trendy colours, cuts only the best parts, and hand-stitches it with traditional saddle point, so that the product is perfect in the straight part and even in the lining. The result is a unique product, thanks to the matchless characteristics of this skin enhanced by the working methods.

Morellato is therefore the best partner for watch straps, able to meet even the most original requirements of all customers, who can also have the product personalised with their own name.