Handmade Collection 2012

Works of sublime craftsmanship.

Each strap is a work of art, painstakingly crafted by hand using the finest of leather. Outstanding craftsmanship is the hallmark of these unique little works of art, each with their own distinctive personality and character, the perfect accessory whatever your style is. A line of the very highest quality, designed for the most discerning of customers.

The Handmade Collection continues to win over the true timepiece connoisseur, with three superb new models.


A strap with a distinctive heritage flavour: the vegetable-tanned leather is gently tumbled to create a wavy effect with lightly polished raised areas. The four classic colours and flat shape make it the perfect partner for slim, classy watch models.


Faded leather strap treated with natural oils during the tanning stage to create a feisty yet vintage look. Cut with dark edges and featuring original stitching on the end piece, this model looks best with sporty or military-style watches. Available in five colours.


Exquisite semi-polished English leather in earthy colours for this thickly padded model, featuring cord stitching on all the colours and a buckle with a broad tongue. The ideal strap for chronograph watches and sporty models. Available in black and four natural shades.