It’s the must of the latest Morellato collections.

From catwalks to workshops, and fabrics to leather: fashion once again inspires Morellato choices and overwhelms the world of watchstraps with the energy of colour.
In fact, colour is the leading player in the latest fashion collections: clothing, footwear, accessories, a riot of bright, radiant and vitaminic shades.
Pink in the softer version, as well as the boldest fuchsia, charming purple and enticing burgundy.
Not forgetting the sea reflections of blue and turquoise.
And then the colours of vitality par excellence: yellow, orange and red.
Always attentive to trends and the details destined to become real musts, Morellato has enhanced its Performance collection by introducing for the Grafic leather model five new trendy shades, inspired by Spring/Summer 2013 fashion suggestions.

A choice that completes Grafic, with as many as 12 available colours, thereby increasing the appeal of a line that has always been very popular with consumers, thanks to the simplicity and versatility of the models and excellent value for money.