2013 Morellato style.


Skirts, bows, belts and corsets:
thus the fashion world “transforms” the new 2013 Morellato calendar

New year, new style. Morellato style.
The fashion world is the leading player of the 2013 Morellato calendar. The very same world also of watch straps, inspiring the choice of leathers, shapes and finishes and often becoming a trend and now making the watch strap an important, unique and indispensable fashion accessory.

Straps, like skirts, corsets, belts, bows and mini dresses, animate six colourful and vibrant pages. Sewn “onto” the sketches, wrapped, braided or left to fall softly along the silhouette.

A new, original, refined and elaborate “idea”. Just like that of the previous editions: the strength and energy of the elements in 2010, the atmospheres of the landscapes and seasons in 2011, and the fascinating world of art in 2012.
Morellato increasingly conceives the calendar as another opportunity to communicate to its customers. To show the passion of its creativity and the interpretative power of its products. Beyond the watch strap and its functionality and looks is all its charm as well as the inspirations behind it.